Magick Healers

About this Site

    This site is for those who practice magicks and healing. It is run by Habby and myself, Marisma. We will reinforce the rules and those whom we deem worthy will become administrators or moderators. For those who think they can teach or help in anyway just message Habby or I.

   If you think this site is for roleplaying, turn away immediatly and never come back. If you think it is fake, turn away and never come back. If you think that this site will teach you in black magick, then turn away and never come again. If you are serius about wanting to learn or teach what this site will let you, then go forward.

The Rules

   To stay on or participate in this site you must follow these rules:

    1) On the chat and forums there must be NO rude or insulting comments. After three warnings from an administrator, Habby, or I you will be suspended.                     
  2) You must not judge people on their beliefs or what they practice. The consequences are the same as those for number 1.

  3) if you have any questions post them on a forum or message an administrator, Habby, or I.

  4) You must be truthful and not lie. If you do and anyone finds out you will be punished but not terribly.

  5) On forums please take things seriously and any childish comments shall be removed.

  6) You must stay active on this site and get on regularly. If you do not come on for more than one month you will be suspended. After the suspension you will give us an excuse after three unexcused suspensions you will be banned.

  7) There will be absolutely no black magick. Practicing it will result in the member being banned. That goes for all moderators and administrators as well.

  If you continue to follow these rules and show talent at what we are doing on this site, you will be awarded.


  We are currently allied with Spiritus Potentus at and We Are Strong at 

Facebook Page

We recently added a facebook page for the site, a link to it was sent out in an email blast in January but for new members who did not receive a copy of the link, it will be posted on here. Also, if you want to join the facebook group, you will have to like the facebook page for it is a closed group.

Link to FaceBook oage: